This is Kumar Managing Director of KV Group of Institutions. We have an MBA program which is the only institutions that ranked A++ .I am a basically an admirals and I am proud to be an admirals. My experience with BNI is, I started with BNI with no expectations and in later over time It proved to be a good sourcing place for us and we were able to get a best product with best prices which saved lots of money.

The kind of leadership experience what I got in BNI is inexpressible, I have done my management education from US and I have got 20 years of experience in managing people , but what I learnt in head table in period of 6 months in dealing with 80 entrepreneurs is much more than what I learnt in my MBA. We are basically Kings and Queens of our Own Kingdom and when it comes to keeping that focus and momentum and we have implemented lots of things. I have taken admirals to higher heights and that experience has given me lots of learning and I will recommend any BNI member to take up leadership roles and apply what you learnt directly in your organization so that you can scale up and be the best in your own industry and I wish all the very best, cheers, and thank you.


- MD, KV Group of Institutions
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Since December, 2014, BNI has been a source of education, friendship and over 150 paying customers for Takato Dry Cleaners. In fact, today I get more business from second and third-tier referrals from my members than from the members themselves. BNI teaches you the value of generosity and helping one-another. Most importantly, BNI forces you to express your weekly business needs in 30 seconds, which propels you to have immense clarity your organization, your customers and your path to growth - thanks BNI.This is Imitiaz, Managing Director of Geometrics space structures pvt ltd. Geometrics offers Pre-engineered seal buildings and which specializes launch branch structure for the constructions of Auditorium and industries. I joined in BNI last 3 years back. I am the member of BNI admirals at the end of first year I did not have much business and then I realized not getting business in BNI is not BNI’s mistake it is my mistake and then I started to follow the basic and process of BNI one to one and training programs and giving referrals, this inturn helped me to get confidence of the fellow members and then I first started with the value of 56 lakhs till date I have done 7 crores till date with BNI.

BNI is not just a referral organization. It is a recommended organization because members not just refer you. They very strongly recommend you with the business consultants. Every year I used to fix the personal target for myself in BNI. Last year my target was 3 crores and I have achieved 4.5 crores and this year my target is 6 crores and I am very sure I can achieve 10 crores with the help of BNI. And I would like to thank Nassar sir and Santhosh sir for bringing BNI to Coimbatore.


- Geometrics.

My Name is Asyanth I have two businesses one is Sumangali Jewelers, marital jewellery showroom dealing with gold diamonds. Sumangali jewelers is 37 years old diamond showroom which has a strong customer base company close to 35000 people and satisfied customers. Which is also known for quality products and super quality service at all times in the last 38 years. We have two stores in the city one is in cross cut road and another one is in Raja Street. Sumangali jewelers always thanks customers and walk for extra miles who looks for quality.

In Business I look up for the two proverbs in my mind as my principles. One is By Henry ford He says “ anyone who stops learning whether it is 20 or 80 because learning is a continuous process” and other one is an African proverb “ It states if you want to go fast go alone , but if you want to go far u have to go to gather “ that is where team work is very important.

My journey in BNI started 3 years back. Two to three of us were sitting on the coffee table. & then Mr. Santhosh was asking to start the third chapter. I was just a new born baby into the business. In fact BNI is the first ever organization that I ever joined. For me BNI is very new and very innovative that is a only reason I came to BNI but joining later being a chapter, director, mentor coordinator today into a membership coordinator. I am also one of the Director consultants for the Coimbatore region in the last 2 and half years. It has been a beautiful journey and from then. In BNI Sumangali jewelers have got an amazing in good business in this region, and also had some great reorganization as well the beauty about the Coimbatore region in BNI is that I have given some beautiful business across so many members but how much ever I give the beauty about the reason is given me more in the Business that stands as a testimonials for the philosophy of the givers gain

BNI has the three things

  • Friendship
  • Business
  • Lots of learning

This is the one place which you have to experience. This is where facebook means linked in why we make money we also learn the holistic values in the business life. This is a one place u are not going to miss if you experience it. I thank BNI for everything & all the beautiful experience I had in the last 3 years. Take us but don’t inspire the world only give us do. Be a champ!


- Sumangali Jewelers

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